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Mind what I tell you;frogs is revolutin’ and I know it.

John Estep, a fisherman, went over to Missouri frog hunting, having received an order from St. Louis for frog hams. Among other frogs he captured, one with five fully developed legs, and he is as proud as a pea fowl about it. In speaking about his latest catch, last evening, Mr. Estep said: ‘I ketched a frog once that had whiskers like a cat. I ketched another one once that had a tail like a muskrat’s. ‘Nother time I hauled in a big feller that only had one hind leg, and that was enough like a chicken’s to have a spur on it, but it didn’t. Then there was a curious old frog I ketched years ago that had a head you’d a swore belonged to a snapping turtle, and the nobby feller with a regular white streak round his neck like a dude’s collar, and a round spot covering one of his eyes that made him look exactly as if he was wearing one of them dandy eye glasses. Then there was the frog I ketched that was so cross-eyed I was almost afraid to take it off the hook. But I consider this here five legged frog the biggest piece of flesh of the kind I ever ketched. I’ll tell you why: It ain’t no freak, this five legger aint. It is the result of deliberation on the part of the frogs. Frogs is gettin’ scarce, but folks has got to have them and the frogs know it. Frogs is the smartest things in creation. Now what does them five legs on this frog mean? It means that the frogs haint no doubt of what they are here fur, and knowing they are growing lesser and lesser on the face of the earth, and in the swamps thereof, they are jest agoing into the growing of more legs, so that the decrease in the number of frogs will be made up by the increase in the number of their fat and juicy kickers. This fellow only has five. They’ll be doing better bimeby, and some of these days I will fetch in a stock of frogs wearing all the way from eight to ten legs apiece, and every one of them of a quality to make a frog-eater go crazy with delight. Mind what I tell ye; frogs is revolutin’ and I know it.”

-from the Alton Telegraph, Alton, Illinois, June 22,1893

Will Graybar tried to swim his horse across Boney Creek on a one dollar wager. He was drowned. Dollar not found. KY1905

-Semi-Weekly Bourbon Journal, Kentucky, 1905

Lee Edwards and Mount Jamson furnished Irvey Harp with a loaded cigarette. An explosion followed.TN1894

Friday, January 26, 1894

Lee Edwards and Mount Jamson of Malvern, Arkansas furnished Irvey Harp with a loaded cigarette. An explosion followed which will probably cause the loss of both the boy’s eyes. Writs were issued for the miscreants.

-Tennessee Republican
Huntingdon, Carroll County, Tennessee

Melchior’s pantaloon factory, employing twelve hands, resumed operations after a few weeks idleness. PA1904

–Pennsburg Town and Country newspaper, Pennsylvania, 1904

There exists a team of trained sturgeons which draws a boat on the Lehigh Canal. PA1871

Daily Post-1871
There exists a team of trained sturgeons which draws a boat on the Lehigh Canal. “The driver has his seat in the bow and directs their course with a goad, which is a long pole as thick as one’s wrist, with a sharp spike sticking out at right angles from the end, and it is surprising with what alacrity they obey. When they are to be turned to the right or left, a sudden prick on the opposite side of each sturgeon causes the paid to take the desired course. When a greater speed is desired they are pierced hear the tail; when they are requires to halt the goad is reached forward, and they are picked in front of the head.”

Misses Ola and Minnie Vice were the guests of their sister, Mrs. Bibles on Saturday and Sunday.AL1908

news brevity from The Cleburne New Era newspaper, Alabama, 1908

There was lots of beer flowing at the Republican meeting, thus it was no use trying to keep away the Democrats. PA1878

A news brevity from The Altoona Morning Tribune, Pennsylvania, 1878

The ascension of a kite with a chicken and cat attached didn’t take place yesterday. The Humane Society heard of the plans.MO1909

Missouri, 1909, The Kansas City Journal

What self-respecting female sticks a hump on her back the size of a dollar’s worth of flour? AL1894

The Winston Herald, March 15, 1894  (Alabama)

That Pesky Bustle.—That ridiculous bustle is going to be “the fashion” again this summer. What self-respecting female sticks a hump on her back the size of a dollar’s worth of flour? It seems to a man up a tree like it’s time to call a halt and consider the bearings. We truly hope that the pretty girls of Winston will refrain from making themselves ridiculous by wearing the bustle this summer. We don’t care a snap what the ugly girls do about it.