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Julius Goodluck had the misfortune to lose part of a thumb when it became entangled with the cut-off saw Wednesday morning.

-from the Ferndale Record, Ferndale, Washington, 1903

Frankling Mangham shot the top off one of his fingers with a pistol. Lucky that it wasn’t his head.

-from the Jackson News, Butts County,Georgia, January 11, 1882

Spontaneous combustion is supposed to be the cause of the fire that destroyed the barn of John Stoner, two miles north of Bethalto.

Fire Destroys Stoner Barn

Spontaneous combustion is supposed to be the cause of the fire that destroyed the barn of John Stoner, two miles north of Bethalto. The fire broke out at three o’clock in the afternoon. Mr. Stoner was in Bethalto at the time, and his wife was alone on the farm. She said the flames broke out suddenly in all parts of the barn. She tried to untie the livestock in the barn, but was unable to do that on account of the flames. One mule and two calves perished in the fire. Twenty-five loads of hay, and all the farm machinery were in the barn as well as a storm buggy and a motorcycle. All were lost in the fire.  from the Alton Evening Telegraph, July 26, 1919

The Atlanta Constitution says: “In Russia the girls carry dynamite in their back hair. In Georgia they carry it in their dear little eyes.”

-from the Richmond Dispatch, Richmond, Virginia, August 8, 1884, quoting the Atlanta Constitution.

note: Back then, “back hair” referred to the hair worn on the back side of the head.

Four men died July 30th from drinking beer from a keg into which a copperhead snake had crawled and died.

-One-line brevity from the Hartford Herald, Ashland Co., Kentucky, Aug.4,1907

Here is the story, special to the New York Times, published August 1, 1907:

A copperhead snake, which had crawled into a keg of beer and died, caused the deaths of “Red” Popham, Sam Biggs, Will Simpson, and Carey Turney in an outing camp at Welch, fifteen miles distant, in the mountains, and probably end the lives of Samuel Willis and Walter Johnson.

Ralph Dunbar came here late to-night and returned to the camp with a doctor. “With seven other men, I went to Welch this afternoon, intending to remain one week. We took several kegs of beer. The journey over the mountains is rough and I presume the beer accumulated an extra amount of gas.  One keg was partly submerged in a spring and the bung flew out. All who drank the beer became ill and four quickly expired. An investigation revealed a big copperhead snake in the keg and this explains the death of my friends.”

The idler is a blank cartridge in life’s magazine.

-an item from a list entitled “Ragtime Philosophy,”  in The Adair County News, Columbia, Kentucky, Wednesday, June 7, 1907

Don’t light the fire with kerosene. Let the hired girl do it. She hasn’t any wife and children; you have.

from The Climax, Richmond, Kentucky, February 19, 1890

Dr. Oechsli ran over a chicken with his automobile this week. The damages were seventy-seven cents which the doctor paid.

-from The Stockton Review, Stockton, Kansas, 19o9

Will Graybar tried to swim his horse across Boney Creek on a one dollar wager. He was drowned. Dollar not found. KY1905

-Semi-Weekly Bourbon Journal, Kentucky, 1905

Preston Cox, the man who was killed on Crane Creek while thawing frozen dynamite, was buried yesterday.WV1902

West Virginia, 1902