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Sam McElwrath had stepped out doors for a smoke and heard a would-be thief calling his hog in a very low tone.

-from the Dresden Enterprise, November 27, 1903, Dresden, Tennessee

A Chicago woman has been arrested for highway robbery. No proper young man now ventures to appear on Chicago streets without a chaperone.

-from The Newton Press, Jasper County, Illinois, February 15, 1888

Frankling Mangham shot the top off one of his fingers with a pistol. Lucky that it wasn’t his head.

-from the Jackson News, Butts County,Georgia, January 11, 1882

Some low down hound swiped a milk bucket containing 2 tickets for the lacteal fluid off of Bremser’s gatepost last week.

-from the Waterloo Republican Times, Waterloo, Illinois, 1900

Ole Peterson was arrested at Palermo on a charge of selling stolen flax.

-from the Carson Press, June, 1909, Carson, North Dakota

Silas Pounds wants to know who stole his jug last Saturday.

-from the Keyesport Journal, Keyesport, Illinois, Wednesday, February 9, 1898

Lee Edwards and Mount Jamson furnished Irvey Harp with a loaded cigarette. An explosion followed.TN1894

Friday, January 26, 1894

Lee Edwards and Mount Jamson of Malvern, Arkansas furnished Irvey Harp with a loaded cigarette. An explosion followed which will probably cause the loss of both the boy’s eyes. Writs were issued for the miscreants.

-Tennessee Republican
Huntingdon, Carroll County, Tennessee

William Pangborn, 82 years of age, is charged with killing his wife. He claims that he did it while fighting a bear.ME1875

Maine, 1875

Jacob Geier was shot on Monday whilst attempting to arrest a cow-thief. KY1883

Semi- Weekly Bourbon News, Paris, Kentucky, 1883

Now, you wife slanderers, look out–an Ontario County man has been fined $250 for libeling his wife.NY1876

New York, 1876