A monster frog swallowed a chicken at Oconee, Ga. the other day.

-from the Vernon Courier, Vernon, Alabama, June 15, 1888

Four men died July 30th from drinking beer from a keg into which a copperhead snake had crawled and died.

-One-line brevity from the Hartford Herald, Ashland Co., Kentucky, Aug.4,1907

Here is the story, special to the New York Times, published August 1, 1907:

A copperhead snake, which had crawled into a keg of beer and died, caused the deaths of “Red” Popham, Sam Biggs, Will Simpson, and Carey Turney in an outing camp at Welch, fifteen miles distant, in the mountains, and probably end the lives of Samuel Willis and Walter Johnson.

Ralph Dunbar came here late to-night and returned to the camp with a doctor. “With seven other men, I went to Welch this afternoon, intending to remain one week. We took several kegs of beer. The journey over the mountains is rough and I presume the beer accumulated an extra amount of gas. ¬†One keg was partly submerged in a spring and the bung flew out. All who drank the beer became ill and four quickly expired. An investigation revealed a big copperhead snake in the keg and this explains the death of my friends.”

Will Graybar tried to swim his horse across Boney Creek on a one dollar wager. He was drowned. Dollar not found. KY1905

-Semi-Weekly Bourbon Journal, Kentucky, 1905

Lee Edwards and Mount Jamson furnished Irvey Harp with a loaded cigarette. An explosion followed.TN1894

Friday, January 26, 1894

Lee Edwards and Mount Jamson of Malvern, Arkansas furnished Irvey Harp with a loaded cigarette. An explosion followed which will probably cause the loss of both the boy’s eyes. Writs were issued for the miscreants.

-Tennessee Republican
Huntingdon, Carroll County, Tennessee

John Rebhalz, 101 years, is dead. He drank lager up to a short time before his death, and his last word was “beer”.PA1880

Pennsylvania, 1880

Do you desire to die? Not hardly, but you must some day, and if you desire to be nicely buried, visit Jones & Kennedy, coffiners. NC1890

North Carolina, 1890

Albert A. Lippincott, of Hartford, died on Saturday from lockjaw, the result of a cut in the finger while stealing chickens.NJ1882