Council Bluffs is down with the mumps, and all the children in that lovely city are lopsided.

-from the Burlington Hawkeye, Burlington, Des Moines, Iowa, July 15, 1875

While in Chicago recently, Jacob Fink became infatuated with Christian Science, and as a result his mind is completely shattered.IA1898

Jacob Fink, of Lincoln township, was adjudged insane last week, and taken to the asylum at Clarinda. On the previous Saturday, he started for Stuart, in company with his wife and baby, but insisted on driving through town, when he threw the lines out and lashed the team into a run, which was only stopped when they became tangled in a wire fence. The family walked back to town, Fink carrying the baby and occasionally kneeling in the mud to pray. While in Chicago recently, Fink became infatuated with Christian Science, and as a result his mind is completely shattered. -The Observer, Fontanelle, Iowa, May 26, 1898

Four men died July 30th from drinking beer from a keg into which a copperhead snake had crawled and died.

-One-line brevity from the Hartford Herald, Ashland Co., Kentucky, Aug.4,1907

Here is the story, special to the New York Times, published August 1, 1907:

A copperhead snake, which had crawled into a keg of beer and died, caused the deaths of “Red” Popham, Sam Biggs, Will Simpson, and Carey Turney in an outing camp at Welch, fifteen miles distant, in the mountains, and probably end the lives of Samuel Willis and Walter Johnson.

Ralph Dunbar came here late to-night and returned to the camp with a doctor. “With seven other men, I went to Welch this afternoon, intending to remain one week. We took several kegs of beer. The journey over the mountains is rough and I presume the beer accumulated an extra amount of gas.  One keg was partly submerged in a spring and the bung flew out. All who drank the beer became ill and four quickly expired. An investigation revealed a big copperhead snake in the keg and this explains the death of my friends.”

On the 9th we erred in stating that Lloyd Delong had typhoid fever. He merely had an obstruction with a cold in his bowels.

-from the Berks County Democrat, Boyertown, Pennsylvania, 1920

A fatal epidemic has broken out among the goldfish in Jackson. MI1872

Jackson, Michigan  -Detroit Daily Press Telegraph, 1872

William Pangborn, 82 years of age, is charged with killing his wife. He claims that he did it while fighting a bear.ME1875

Maine, 1875

Sam Alt found hogs in his corn and was unable to drive them out. Due to the heat he got exercised, and then went insane. KS1901

Kansas, 1901

“George Shelton boiled a bar of lead in a quart of water, then drank as a cure for boils. He took sick and died in two days.” IN1886

Indiana, 1886

Nellie Rexroat is nursing carbuncles at home and wishes to receive sympathetic visitors. KY1902

Albert A. Lippincott, of Hartford, died on Saturday from lockjaw, the result of a cut in the finger while stealing chickens.NJ1882